‘…you will not bring our world even close to the edge of combustion’


The king, a certain akindanidani,

started out dreaming and boasting

of erecting walls, banning some faithful,

and shutting out the needy from troubled lands…

he detests those who did not look like him, or share

his bigoted beliefs and contaminated opinions…


The Priest, a certain olutannije,

with mouth as wide as the ear of an elephant,

dreamt of a world peopled by only those who

unthinkingly swallow his mercantilist lies and

deceptions…he decreed that those who do not

swim and sink with his constipated homilies

must be cast off path of redemption…

he fouls the house of truth and divine with

his dirty, corrupt preachments…

He forgets what the ‘god of words’ says:

“…who kills for love of god

kills love, kills god

Who kills in the name of god

leaves god without a name…”


The son-of-the-soil, a certain oponu-apooda,

rules that those who do not share his tongue

and way of life must be shorn of existence;

he erects a wide gulf between himself and

the ‘others’, who come from other climes; and

yet he is never self-sufficient as to live alone…

alas his merchandise is rotten, polluted with

shallow thinking, sham intelligence…


The He, a certain alainironu,

detests those who have chosen to live another

way of life away from his self-constructed,

chosen pattern of life… he will not agree that

others have orientation that differs from his;

as such deserve to pursue their own way of life

and pursue their self-wrought destinies….


The She, a certain egbere-elenuagbon,

believes it is either her way or no other way

to the land of promises… she unleashes her

fouled mouth, empty gut, caustic tongue to

deride others; calling them, the supposed

others, filthy names; judging them and casting

them to her damned, imagined hellfire…


The Secessionist, a certain ariijenimadaru,

The con-man who came from yonder land

with no home address, peddles violent rhetoric,

playing on the fickle intelligence and emotion of

the gullible; promising his blind-folded believers

a Utopia he conjures up like the unfortunate one

infected with the raging fury of sanponna


The Self-conceited, a certain ajelojuonile,

with his shaggy beards like the spike of an unfortunate

bear, who prefers to feast without toiling; one with ego spilling over and about like the riches of the wastrels,

issues vile orders to others to vacate his self-imagined

estate of exploitation… the lazy head always hiding

under politicised religious precepts issues ultimatum to

others to vacate his appropriated ‘father’s land’…


The Bigman in the Rock, a certain Olorikunkun,

the ‘95’ percenter, dreamt to shut out those he

claimed did not invest their hope in his so-called

‘redemptive’ spirit and mantra, which now have

become empty, nightmarish, half-thought through

promises, without any strategy or will to commit or

engage… he surrounds himself with kinsmen and

‘5’ percenters he believed will always do his bigoted

whims… His body language encourages his kinsfolks

to unleash untold violence on the innocents while he

snoozes on foreign sickbed… leaving rooms for maggots to feast freely and ruin what is left of collective fortune…



That is the name of

The Bigot

The Selfish

The Psycho

The Shallow-Brain

The Mentally Corrupt

The Emotionally-ruined

The Half-Educated

The Ill-Educated

The Mis-Educated

The Uneducated

The Misfit

The Ill-Fit

The Unfit

The Beastly…

The World will certainly

be better

without the


In any shade,

Or Persuasion…

Or Colour

 Or Gender

Or Class

Or Race


You sure need re-schooling

from the Word-Smith…

“you will not bring our world even close to the edge of combustion”.

The Editor

The Editor

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